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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lone Star: Is Tonight all or Nothing?

Last week FOX's Lone Star premiered with only a 1.3 in the 18-49 key demographic. In other words, things aren't looking good for the new primetime soap. What makes matters worse is that FOX isn't known for giving shows time to build an audience, and has, in the past, cancelled a show after one episode.

So this leaves me wondering if tonight is the last test for Lone Star. Will The Event lose some viewers? Viewers who will then tune into the already barely alive show. Also, I think for FOX to pick Lone Star up for a full season, or for it to even allow the current order be completed, Lone Star is going to have to drastically improve from last week. A 1.8 tonight still won't save the show. Especially when its lead in, House, is getting a 4.1 in the key demos.

As of now, FOX hasn't pulled the show from the schedule, and it still airs tonight at 9p.m. However, next week might be a completely different story. Check back tomorrow to see if Lone Star was able to pull in more viewers.

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  1. I accidentally watched twenty minutes of Lone Star, and personally I don't think it warrants a full season. Maybe it was because I didn't watch the first episode, but for me, I didn't find anything charming or empathetic about the lead actor that allowed me to excuse/be okay with his double life. And it also bothers me how both women seem okay with him disappearing for days at a time. Also, his father is an uglier, more plastic version of Ray Liota. It's bothersome.