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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Rating Predictions: Who Will Come Out on Top

Every Thursday night use to be the big show down in terms of ratings. The biggest shows with the highest number of viewers aired on Thursdays nights. It was, as NBC called it, "Must See TV." Viewers couldn't wait for the next Thursday to roll around so they could see who McSteamy kissed this week or what idiotic thing Dwight would do.

How Times have changed. Yes, those shows still have an audience. But when it comes to ratings, the more interesting battle, in my opinion, is on Monday nights. Three BIG new dramas are premiering tonight, and I'm not just saying that b/c all three of them are in my top 5 new shows to watch.

Hawaii Five-0 seems like an instant hit, which will attract fans of the original and fans of the actors. The Event, or as NBC would have you believe, the new LOST, will definitely attract the millions of LOST fans curious to see what exactly is The Event. Of course, will its chances of success be hurt because of the lackluster ratings of its lead-in, Chuck. Finally, Fox's Lonestar has next primetime soap hit written all over it, and although House's ratings have been waning the past couple of seasons, it still puts up good numbers.

Here are my guesses as to how the show down tonight will go. I'm only guessing the 18-49 demos because in the end, that's all the networks care about.

1. House (FOX)- 4.3
2. Dancing with the Stars (ABC)- 4.2
3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)- 3.1
4. Rules of Engagement (CBS)- 3.0
5. Chuck (NBC)- 2.6
6. 90210 (CW)- 1.0

1. The Event (NBC)- 4.5
2. Two and a Half Men (CBS)- 4.3
3. Lonestar (FOX)- 4.1
4. Mike & Molly (CBS)- 4.0
5. Gossip Girl (CW)- 1.1

1. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)- 3.9
2. Chase (NBC)- 3.5
3. Castle (ABC)- 3.2

Check back tomorrow to see how close or how off I was from the actual numbers.

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