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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday's Overnight Ratings: Lone Star's even lonelier.

Last night's ratings do not bode well for freshman soap Lone Star or NBC's forever struggling Chuck. Lone Star fell to a 1.0 in the key demographics and Chuck fell to a 1.9. I wouldn't be surprised if Lone Star is no where to be found next Monday.

The Event also dropped to a 2.9. For the show to continue being an event, it's going to have to maintain that 2.9, and not continue to drop each work.

Here are the overnight ratings. For more information, click here.

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating18-49 ShareViewers Live+SD (million)
8:00ABCDancing With The Stars4.01119.359
CBSHow I Met Your Mother3.8118.971
8:30ABCDancing With The Stars4.61221.091
CBSRules Of Engagement3.288.143
9:00ABCDancing With The Stars5.21322.423
CBSTwo And A Half Men4.81213.868
NBCThe Event2.978.893
FOXLone Star1.644.526
CWGossip Girl1.021.746
9:30ABCDancing With The Stars5.41323.415
CBSMike & Molly3.7911.213
NBCThe Event2.979.063
CWGossip Girl1.021.818
FOXLone Star0.923.040
10:00CBSHawaii Five-03.6912.554
10:30CBSHawaii Five-03.4912.131

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