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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Ratings Prediction: Big Bang=Big Ratings

The most surprising change to any network's schedule, when they presented fall schedules back in May, was the move of The Big Bang Theory from Mondays at 9:30p.m. to Thursdays at 8p.m. Tonight we'll see how much damage that move will do to the audiences of every other show in the 8p.m. time slot. Here's my predictions for tonight.

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating/ShViewers (Millions)
8:00FOXBones (Season Premiere)2.7
ABCMy Generation (Series Premiere)2.2
CBSThe Big Bang Theory (Season Premiere)4.5
NBCCommunity (Season Premiere)2.3
CWThe Vampire Diaries1.5
8:30CBSS#*! My Dad Says (Series Premiere)3.4
NBC30 Rock (Season Premiere)2.5
9:00NBCThe Office (Season Premiere)3.6
ABCGrey’s Anatomy (Season Premiere)6.1
CBSCSI (Season Premiere)3.7
FOXFringe (Season Premiere)2.2
9:30NBCOutsourced (Series Premiere)3.0
10:00CBSThe Mentalist (Season Premiere)3.4
NBCThe Apprentice1.9
ABCPrivate Practice (Season Premiere)3.3

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