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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cancellation Looming: Returning Series

Now that I've noted which new series are already in danger of cancellation, it's time to look at returning shows that are in danger of not returning next season.

Why it's in danger: After three seasons of walking a thin line between renewal and cancellation, this just might be the year Chucks time in the C.I.A. ends.
Saving Grace: Chase, Undercovers and Outlaw are all doing worse than Chucks 1.9.

Why it's in danger: After having a somewhat strong first season, Parenthood has dropped down to a 2.0, placing last out of all the shows on at 10p.m.
Saving Grace: Chase, Chuck, Undercovers and Outlaw are all doing worse

Why it's in danger: FOX has been very patient with Fringe, especially after it's ratings dropped when it moved to Thursdays at 9p.m., but the networks patience might just end this season. Fringe has only been receiving around a 2.1.
Saving Grace: Fringe does air on Thursdays, which has never been a strong night for FOX.

Why it's in danger: Last season, CBS saved this ghost show, but this past Friday it only pulled a 1.2, making Medium likely to be it's own ghost.
Saving Grace: Medium does air on Fridays where shows aren't expected to do as well.

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  1. They can't cancel Fringe! Its my favorite show. AHHH!!!