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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fixing NBC's Schedule

Things aren't looking good over at NBC. All of their new shows have drastically dropped from their premieres and most of their returning shows aren't doing so well either. So how can NBC help itself?

First, cancel "The Apprentice." It's atrocious ratings are really bringing down NBC's 18-49 average, and the networks best night of the week-Thursday.

Finally, they should mix up their schedule. "Undercovers" might pick up some of "Chuck's" fans if it aired Mondays at 9 p.m. "The Event" might do better if it aired during a less competitive timeslot, such as Tuesdays at 10p.m.

From there, "Parenthood" should move to 10p.m. Wednesdays, hopefully gaining an audience from "SVU" fans. The "LA" version of "Law & Order" would then move to Thursdays at 10p.m.

Here is my suggestion at how to improve their schedule.

8p.m.- Chuck
9p.m.- Undercovers
10p.m.- Chase

8p.m.- The Biggest Loser
10p.m.- The Event

8p.m.- Minute to Win it
9p.m.- Law & Order: SVU
10p.m.- Parenthood

8p.m.- Community
8:30p.m.- 30 Rock
9p.m.- The Office
9:30p.m.- Parks and Recreation (Because Outsourced is just really awful)
10p.m.- Law & Order: LA

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