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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A TV Season of Duds

Every television season there has always been that one show that everyone is talking about. Last year it was "Glee." The year before "Fringe" premiered and not long after became a cult hit. This television season, we've got nothing.

Even J.J. Abram, known for making hits, failed this season with "Undercovers." "The Event" isn't the new "LOST," and "Lone Star," the one show critics couldn't get enough of, is gone after two episodes.

What happened this season? The most successful new show this year is "Hawaii Five-0," which has been getting around a 3.2 in the adult 18-49 rating. Granted, I do enjoy watching "Hawaii Five-0," but I'm not telling everyone it's a show they can't miss.

Instead of trying to find new, original series, networks tried to recreate "LOST" and even more cop dramas. Hopefully mid-season will give us something to rave about. Currently, the most interesting thing about this television season, is waiting to see which show gets cancelled next.

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