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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Overnight Ratings: "L&O:LA" Improves

Both of NBC's "Law & Order" spin-offs were up last night from previous weeks. A good sign for NBC since they just gave "Law & Order: LA" a full season.

Below are the overnight ratings. For more information, click here.

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating/ShViewers (Millions)
8:00CBSSurvivor: Nicaragua3.5/1112.03
FOXNLCS Game 4: Phillies at Giants2.7/88.66
ABCThe Middle2.6/88.54
CWAmerica’s Next Top Model1.3/43.03
8:30ABCBetter With You2.1/66.97
9:00ABCModern Family4.7/1313.84
CBSCriminal Minds3.6/1014.30
NBCLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit2.6/78.52
FOXNLCS Game 4: Phillies at Giants2.6/77.98
CWHellcats (R)0.6/21.58
9:30ABCCougar Town3.1/97.49
10:00FOXNLCS Game 4: Phillies at Giants2.8/88.39
NBCLaw & Order: Los Angeles2.4/78.05
CBSThe Defenders2.2/610.00
ABCThe Whole Truth1.4/44.56

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