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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday Night's Over Night Ratings

As expected, Glee dominated the night in the 18-49 key demographics. Everything else had pretty lousy performances, in my opinion, for premieres. When you compare my guesses for the number of key demographic viewers, in almost all of my predictions, I over estimated the viewer-ship.

Below are the over night ratings. For more information, click here.

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating/ShViewers (Millions)
8:00FOXGlee (Season Premiere)5.5/1612.28
CBSNCIS (Season Premiere)3.9/1118.92
ABCDancing With the Stars2.6/712.00
NBCBiggest Loser (Season Premiere)2.6/76.59
CWOne Tree Hill0.9/31.91
9:00ABCDancing With the Stars4.3/1118.31
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (Season Premiere)3.4/915.68
NBCBiggest Loser (Season Premiere)3.3/97.73
FOXRasing Hope (Series Premiere)3.1/87.48
CWLife Unexpected0.7/21.51
9:30FOXRunning Wilde (Series Premiere)2.5/75.87
10:00CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (Season Premiere)3.0/813.60
ABCDetroit 1-8-7 (Series Premiere)2.4/79.75

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